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Volunteer Opportunities​


"The best part of volunteering is being able to interact with the kids, and watching them grow, not only musically, but as people. "

2016 08 24 Showcase (Brown) (102) of 209
2016 08 24 Showcase (Brown) (39) of 209
2016 08 24 Showcase (Brown) (35) of 209
2016 08 24 Showcase (Brown) (37) of 209
2016 08 24 Showcase (Brown) (11) of 209
2016 08 24 Showcase (Brown) (8) of 209
2016 08 24 Showcase (Brown) (29) of 209
2016 08 24 Showcase (Brown) (6) of 209

Volunteering is a great way to meet other parents and stay involved with the students as their talents grow.

For more information regarding volunteering contact Kathy Blouch at 

Special Skills

If you are a business owner and can donate any professional services to support the Band activities, please let us know.  Examples include music instructor, public relations (writing articles for the newspaper), nurse, truck driver, web editor, fundraising, etc.

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General information for chaperones

The HHS Band Parents Association (HHSBPA) needs your help! We have several positions for the 2023-2024 Board of Directors and Band Support Positions that need to be filled. Please volunteer your time to ensure a successful year with the Pride of Herndon Band. Please see the descriptions below,:


Please contact Kathy Blouch, HHSBPA Volunteer Chair, at: with any questions.


The HHSBPA is in need of the following:


Board of Directors Position:


Concert Uniforms Co-Chair or Assistant -- is responsible for managing the uniforms worn by the students during their concerts throughout the year. The Concert Uniforms Co-Chair or Assistant works with the Concert Uniforms Chair, oversees fittings during the week of band camp, tuxedo shirt orders in September, taking uniforms that need alterations into the tailor, and the cleaning and storage of the concert uniforms at the end of the school year. No sewing experience is necessary. Dry cleaning and alteration costs are paid for by the band program. The Concert Uniforms Co-Chair is a voting member of the HHSBPA band board (in conjunction with the Concert Uniforms Chair) and attends meetings once a month (usually held the 2nd Monday evening of the month).

About 2-4 hours are needed between May and June (as the uniforms are cleaned and returned), 12 hours the week of band camp (while fittings go on during 4 evenings), 3-4 hours between Sept-Oct doing a few additional fittings and ordering tux shirts, then being there with the students before concerts to make sure uniforms are correct. Parent volunteers assist with uniform fittings, collection, and organization after they are returned from the dry cleaners.


Band Support Positions:


Tag Day Coordinator -- Tag Day is the biggest fundraising event for the Pride of Herndon Band. Donations collected on Tag Day help to fund all band activities, pay for band clinicians, uniforms, concert fees, trips, and helps to reduce the cost of band fees. To bring in those donations, all HHS band and guard students, dressed in their band or guard uniforms, walk door-to-door in area neighborhoods asking for contributions. Tag Day Coordinator Responsibilities include: Requesting and coordinating with area chairs and co-chairs for each area, preparation and sending items to the printer, coordinate number of kids to ensure areas have adequate distribution, preparation of Tags/info by area, meetings with area chairs, communication with Treasurer and Board.


Photographer -- Capture images of Band performances (marching and concert) and students during football games, competitions, and trips.


Videographer -- Take videos of Band performances (marching and concert) during football games, competitions, and trips using HHSBPA video equipment.


Writer/ Marketing/ Promotions -- Assists in marketing/publicity/sharing of events through social media, writing/publishing articles in local newspapers, magazines, etc.


Citrus Coordinator -- Coordinate and communicate with the citrus vendor, Board, and band parents. Proceeds from Citrus go towards reducing trip costs.


Senior Class Representatives -- Coordinates Senior Shirts and Pins at the beginning of the year, organizes Seniors and Senior Band Parents at HHS Football Game for Band Senior Recognition Night, oversees creation of the Senior Yearbook, Slideshow, parent skit, and the end of year Sr Picnic. 

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