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The Herndon Band is proud to announce the following scholarship programs for graduating seniors.


Each scholarship offers a college-bound graduating student a one-time payment.  For those individuals and organizations who would are interested in discussing a sponsorship of a scholarship for band and/or and color guard students, please contact Kathleen Jacoby, Director of Bands, Herndon High School.


Details of each scholarship can be found below:

Richard Bergman Music Education Scholarship (Established May 2009)

Scholarship Summary

The Richard L. Bergman Music Education Scholarship is designed to recognize the graduating band senior who displays a strong interest in music with a preference given to a student pursuing a college degree in music.  The student must also demonstrate a strong academic and extra-curricular background.


Richard Bergman Scholarship Application


Richard Bergman Scholarship Recipients

2022 – Adrienne Pinover

2021 – Jake Cuppernull

2020 – Ethan Morad

2019 – Kacey Hillebrand

2018 – James Adams

2017 – Shennan O’Day

2016 -  Aimee Toner

2015 – Christine Horting

2014 – Tiberiu Baicoianu

2013 – Jacob Bennett

2012 – Caitlin Williams

2011 –  Ryan Little

2010 –  Matt Breuer

2009 –  Meghan Walsh


Richard Bergman Scholarship Criteria

The HHSBPA will annually award a one-time $1,000.00 scholarship in the name of Richard Bergman, Band Director for Herndon High School 1978 – 2008 in order to honor his service and history in the Pride of Herndon Band Program.


The recipient will be a senior member of the Pride of Herndon Band who displays a strong interest in music with a preference given to the students pursuing a college degree in music. In addition, the students must demonstrate active participation in many facets of the music program at Herndon High School.


The current Director of the Band at Herndon High School will select the top five candidates for Mr. Bergman to review and select the recipient. The candidates will be required to complete an application including an essay question. The recipient of this scholarship must be a current member of the Herndon Band program at the time of application. The recipient will normally be presented the award at the annual Spring Band Award Ceremony by Mr. Bergman or his designee.


The recipient will be responsible to notify their college of the need to present the HHSBPA with proof of attendance to their college and a mailing address to send the $1,000 award.


Criteria used in the selection process for this scholarship include but are not limited to:

  • Current Senior member of the Pride of Herndon Band.

  • Must be accepted by and plan to attend College.

  • Demonstrated active participation in other music programs at Herndon High School and the Herndon community such as honor bands, Solo & Ensemble, auxiliary music activities in the community.

  • High School grade point average of 3.0 overall with a minimum of 3.7 GPA in the band curriculum. Copy of transcript must be attached to application.

  • Leadership potential.

  • Financial need consideration.

Herndon Council for the Arts Scholarship

The Council for the Arts Scholarship program is now open.  Students and teachers can go to to get the application. We will award $10K in scholarships in May.


Checks will be made out to the institution/program that the student indicates they are applying for.  This is in keeping with IRS scholarship regulations.  If the student attends a different program, especially due to finances, I am sure we can work it out, but checks will not be made out to students.


The Council for the Art has like every other organization seen a downturn in our funding, but we ARE maintaining our $10K arts scholarship program to Herndon students.


Eric Hirt Scholarship (Established in 2009)

Scholarship Summary

The Eric Hirt Scholarship was created to honor the memory of Eric Hirt, who was an incredible band parent volunteer.  Eric passed away in October of 2008, but he left an indelible mark on the Pride of Herndon Band with his selfless, dedicated and nurturing volunteer work. The student awarded this scholarship best exemplified the character and dedication to the band that Eric Hirt displayed for ten years.


Eric Hirt Scholarship Recipients

2022 – Matt Vierow

2021 – Samantha Fast

2020 - Erika Hausladen

2019 – Cobrina Chu

2018 – Harold Treminio

2017 – Theresa Vierow

2016 - Scott Walker

2015 – Elizabeth Pater

2014 – Catherine Lambert

2013 – Margaret Shaw

2012 – Austin Miller

2011 – Samhita Nelamengala

2010 – Mary Brady  

2009 – Carrie Kurtz


Eric Hirt Scholarship Criteria

The HHSBPA annually awards a one-time $500.00 scholarship in the name of Eric Hirt, long-time volunteer, contributor and former HHSBPA President and board member.  

The recipient was a graduating senior member of the Pride of Herndon Band who exemplified the qualities of dedication, integrity, and selflessness to the band that Eric exhibited during the ten years that he was an active member of the HHSBPA.


The Band Director selected the scholarship recipient after May 1st of each year. Band, Guard, Drumline and Jazz Band students were considered for this award. The recipient was presented the award at the annual Spring awards ceremony by a member of the Hirt family or a family designee.


As part of the presentation of the award, Eric Hirt’s biography was read to explain to the audience who he was and what he contributed to the Pride of Herndon Band.  A copy of his biography will be presented to the award recipient.  The check for this scholarship was given directly to the student recipient.



Criteria for selection of the recipient for this scholarship were:

  • Graduating senior member of the Pride of Herndon Band.

  • Demonstrated dedication to the Pride of Herndon Band.

  • Recognized by fellow Band members and instructors as a person of honor, good character and integrity.

  • Contributes time and effort to the Pride of Herndon Band above and beyond expectations.

  • Must be accepted by a college and planning to attend that college.


Eric Hirt Biography

Eric Hirt began his volunteer career in 1998 when his son, Justin, joined the Pride of Hendon Band.  He started with the Pit crew.  If it had wheels on it, Eric drove it.  Although his son graduated in 2002 and his daughters Erica and Melinda didn’t start with the band until 2003, Eric continued to volunteer for the Pride of Herndon.  In addition to the Pit crew, Eric worked on or ran the Showcase of Bands fundraiser every year, and chaired various competitions at HHS like the Drumline competition and Middle School Band Festival.  He served as Vice President and President of the HHSBPA for several years, all the while driving trucks, loading instruments, and cooking at barbeques for students and parents.  He also created the web site for our Pride of Herndon Band.  He was awarded the Nancy Katz Award in 2007, and the Town of Herndon proclaimed June 17, 2005 as “Eric Hirt Day” for his valuable contributions to our band.


Sadly, Eric passed away in October of 2008.  He was a caring, steady, and hard-working volunteer who did all he did because he cared so very much for the students.  Eric always had a smile on his face, and made hard work lots of fun.  His dedication made the Pride of Herndon Band a better place for students and parents alike.  We honor Eric for his service to our Band, and award this scholarship in his name.

The Pride Award


Scholarship Summary

The Pride Award is a one-time $1500 scholarship awarded to a student who exemplifies the following characteristics:

• Pride: The student has demonstrated Pride as part of the Pride of Herndon community. Pride is reflected in how the student treats oneself and the broader community.

• Compassion: The student treats others with compassion and empathy. This trait ultimately shows pride in oneself and a respect for one’s peers.

• Community Builder: The student finds ways to help members of the band feel included, through personal interaction or through more organized, yet not necessarily formal efforts.

Pride Award Recipients

2022 – Sheila Villareal

2021 - Yeimy Cardoza

2020 – Zoey Birman

2019 – Diego Acosta Argueta

2018- Allison Bliss

2017 – Tommy Eccleston

2016 – Julia Picchiottino

Barbara Winningham Scholarship

Scholarship Summary

The Barbara Winningham Memorial Scholarship is designed to recognize a graduating senior who may have faced health challenges but continue to press their way to achieve their educational goals OR is a participant in HHS Band or HHS Step Team. 


Barb Winningham Memorial Scholarship Application


Barb Winningham Memorial Scholarship Criteria

This is a one-time $1,000.00 scholarship in the name of Barbara Winningham to a student who battles/has battled a chronic illness OR is a participant in HHS Band or HHS Step Team with a GPA of 3.0 or higher who plans to attend 2-or4-year college/university and serves community, in some capacity.

Scholarship Background

Barb Winningham was an active parent in the Herndon Community for 8 years while her two daughters, Kelly and Stacey, were students at Herndon High School. She supported her daughters with great enthusiasm as they marched on the field, played their instruments in high school band concerts, and performed on the step team. In her last years of life, Mrs. Winningham battled kidney disease which caused her to have multiple medical visits to try to help her live her life to the fullest. She persevered as much as possible, given the diagnosis, to ensure that she supported and provided for husband, children, and grandchildren. It is in her honor that we award this scholarship to a student who may have faced health challenges but continue to press their way to achieve their educational goals.


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