Uniform Tips


The members of the Herndon bands may be required to wear uniforms based on the activity.  All marchers are provided marching uniforms, all Wind Ensemble and Symphonic band members are provided concert uniforms.  Below are the basic guidelines for the care and use of marching and concert uniforms.  Any questions about the uniforms can be directed to the uniform committee chair at Uniforms@HerndonBand.org.


MARCHING UNIFORMS are the property of the Herndon High School Band.
  • Rental fees for use of the uniforms must be paid and are included in the band fee.

  • Marching uniforms will be issued during Band Camp.

  • Marching shoes will be ordered during Band Camp at a cost of approximately $34.95 (not covered by the band fee).

  • Marching uniforms are kept in the Marching Uniform Room on racks; each student has an assigned “spot” to keep his or her uniform.

  • Each student is expected to use the provided clothes brushes to ensure a neat appearance before each home game and competition.

  • Each student is expected to hang up his or her uniform, in its proper place, after each home game and competition.

  • Each student must wear mid-calf or higher socks that fully cover the ankle in the same color as their shoes and pants.  Any student who is not wearing proper socks will be issued socks at a fee of $5.00 per occurrence.

  • The uniform moms send marching uniforms out to be cleaned as needed.  If a student wishes to dry-clean a uniform during the marching season, due to a spill or other mishap, they must sign out their uniform with a uniform mom and have it dry-cleaned at the student’s expense.


CONCERT UNIFORMS are the property of the Herndon High School Band.
  • Concert uniforms will be issued during fall rehearsals after school starts.

  • Students will store their concert uniforms at home during the school year.

  • Students will be responsible for their uniforms and returning them at the end of the year.

  • Tuxedo shirts will be ordered for the students at a cost of approximately $20.00 (not included in the band fee).

  • Gentlemen are required to wear black dress shoes and black mid-calf or higher socks.  The socks must cover the ankle with their concert uniforms.

  • Ladies are required to wear black closed-toe dress shoes with black nylons.


NOTE: When in uniform, the student/musician is expected to wear the uniform in an appropriate manner.  Shirts must be tucked in, sleeves are not rolled up, hats are on the head in the proper manner (facing front).


Uniform Related Hints/Suggestions
  • The best way to clean the Dinkle/Drillmaster marching shoes is to gently scrub them using “Soft Scrub” and a lightly moistened rag.

  • For scratches in the Dinkles/Drillmaster marching shoes, mix baking soda with a little water until you have a fairly thick, paste like substance and gently rub this mixture into the scratch.

  • White gloves are often part of the marching uniform and these will probably need to be cleaned more often than the uniform itself. They will also need to be cleaned more often than you child feels is necessary. It’s a good idea to check them after every performance (i.e., home football game, competition, etc.)

  • Uniforms can be dry cleaned at most dry cleaners for a reasonable fee. We recommend you check on the price when you drop the uniform off and avoid surprises at pick-up.





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