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Pictures - Check out our Photo Gallery on Flickr!!


All of the pictures are reduced in size to save on storage space and to make them load quickly on your computer. Their reduced size won’t be noticeable on your monitor; but, if you want to print them, they may not turn out so well. Not to worry, though. Just send an email to with the name of the album and we’ll pass the note to the right photographer who will give you the original high-resolution file.

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Pictures :

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Videos :
  • 2016 Cherry Blossom Parade    

- Video courtesy Robin Handy

- Video courtesy Mina Phillips

- Video courtesy Robert Brown

- Video courtesy of Mary Wilkerson

- Video courtesy of Tim Barton

- Video courtesy WJLA 

  • 2015 Electrical Parade at Disney World

- Video courtesy Tim Barton

- Video courtesy Laura Pels

- Video courtesy Robert Brown

- Video courtesy Donna Perlish

If parents want to order the DVDs of the AIA Prelims 2015 , click on this link

Drumline order package 3 (PSRA division),

Guard order package 5 (CGSRA2 division).


Interested in submitting pictures or videos? Let us know by sending an email to


Slide Deck 2018-2019

In 1966, 67, and 68 the band recorded three albums involving the concert band and the stage band under the direction of Mr. James Swinney. They can be accessed here:


Recollections of recording the album by Luther Nossett, Class of 69:

The band was a much more modest operation in the 1960s, but we did OK for a group of country kids. The sound quality of the recordings is not the best, but these were recorded in the auditorium, not in a sound studio. A few of the members have made careers in the music industry as band directors, performers, and one sound engineer in Nashville. There are stage band recordings with should bring some smiles, since some of the songs are reflective of the popular tunes of the day.

Slide Deck 2019-2020

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