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The Pride of Herndon goes to Hawaii 2023

The Herndon High School Band has been selected to perform during the 2023 Pearl Harbor Memorial Day parade! For those that don't recall, the Pride won Grand Champion of all performing groups in the 2013 parade event, as well as impressive 2019 Normandy and 2021 Lincoln Memorial Veteran's Day performances. The Pride will have the distinct honor of acting as the Virginia ambassadors at this national celebration. Our students will experience performing at the USS Missouri and the Pearl Harbor Memorial Day parade during this great event!

The band with USS Herndon veteran Jim Clermont on the steps of the church at Brittany Cemetery. (Photo credit: Dubishar)

Pre-trip announcement and events

Parents: Please refer to the detailed trip information and payment page here.


Fundraising is an important part of this great event to support our students and this unique opportunity. Please help make this possible this year!

And a huge thank you to our Band Sponsors!

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