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New Members
New students need to complete the Charms Student Data Sheet. Please visit the Forms Section for other forms that need to be turned in.

Here's a Brief Overview of the Herndon High School Band Program 


Ensembles (meet during the day as a class)

  • Percussion Ensemble – all freshmen percussion placed here automatically; about half the class is upperclassmen

  • Symphonic Band – all freshmen winds placed here automatically; about half the class is upperclassmen

  • Symphonic Winds – by audition only in the spring; mostly sophomores and juniors

  • Wind Ensemble – by audition only in the spring; nearly all juniors and seniors

  • Jazz – half credit class that meets after school for an hour on Mondays after marching season has finished (all students required to be in Symphonic, Perc or Wind as well)


Marching Band Requirements

  • Wind Ensemble (top band) members are required to be in Marching Band, which is a component of the Advanced Band course

  • All students who participate in Marching Band are listed on their transcript sssas being in Advanced Band regardless of their band placement

  • Marching Band is considered a Fall, varsity sport since it meets only after school during the Fall months.  Students also receive a Varsity letter after the second year of participation and Varsity bars the other three years.


Band Camp Mandatory Dates (M-F) - startes 4 weeks prior to start of school, contingent on what calendar the school board passes.

  • First week - percussion and guard week, new marchers on Wed/Thur

  • Second week- full band camp week (8am-5pm) – Friday release at noon

  • Third week - full band camp week (8am-5pm) – Pool Party Friday night

  • Fourth week - full band camp (5pm-9pm) – Parent Show Thursday

  • Absences must be approved ahead of time and will result in an alternate spot


Marching Band Time Commitments (only apply through the end of Football season – usually first week of November)

NOTE : The rehearsal days/timings are different for 2019-2020 due to the ongoing construction. Please refer to the calendar for details.

  • Tuesday afternoon rehearsals - 2 hrs

  • Wednesday rehearsals from 6-9pm

  • Thursday afternoon rehearsals - 2 hrs

  • Approximately 4 Friday night home football games

  • Approximately 5 Saturday games/competitions in Sept and Oct

  • Tag Day (one Saturday)


Fundraising and Expenses

  • All students participate in Tag Day and the Showcase Competition

  • Spring trip is offset through Citrus Sales, Holiday Greens Sales, and restaurant Spirit Nights

  • FCPS covers free/reduced lunch students; need based scholarships available for others

  • 2019 – 2020 expenses: Concert dues - $22, Marching dues - $300, optional spring trip (i.e. Disney or Universal Studios) $600.  All payments are spread throughout the year and payment plans are offered in addition to the discounts you receive from fundraising

Special Events

  • All-District Band Auditions - This event takes place on a Saturday in January at McLean High School. Students will come from all over the district to play individually for judges in the hope of getting the future opportunity to play in the All-District Band and to audition for All-State Band.

  • All-District Band - This is a 3-day weekend event for the students who are selected during the All-District Band Auditions. It starts on a Thursday evening with 2 days of rehearsals and a Saturday performance, with the concert always being the first Saturday in February.

  • Senior Regional Orchestra Auditions - These auditions occur in mid-September on a Monday night for the SRO event during the second week of November. Districts 10, 11 and 12 all compete for 1-2 wind and percussion spots in the full orchestra. Students who make the SRO receive an All-VA audition.

  • All-State Band Auditions - These auditions take place on the last Saturday in February at JMU. These auditions are only for the students who are the top performers from the All-District Band and the Senior Regional Orchestra. Top performers from around the state are invited to play in the All-State Band.

  • All-State Band - This is a 3-day weekend event for the students who are selected during the All-State Band Auditions. It starts on a Thursday evening with 2 days of rehearsals and a Saturday performance. It takes place at the Richmond Convention center.

  • Solo/Ensemble Festival - This opportunity is open to all band students to perform individually with an accompanist, or as a small ensemble. Students choose a piece to play and arrange for their own accompanist if the music requires it. They perform before a judge and receive feedback and a rating on their performance.

  • District Assessments - This event takes place on a Saturday in the spring at another high school. Symphonic Band, Symphonic Winds and Wind Ensemble all participate in this assessment of the full band and their ability to perform and to sight-read. Parents are welcome to attend the band assessments.


New Parents For details of HHSBPA and Volunteering Opportunities please visit


All information (including a full calendar) can be found at


Please email Ms. Jacoby for questions at

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