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Volunteer Coordinator

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Herndon, VA, USA

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Volunteer Coordinator

Start Date:

October 1, 2023

About the Role:

Volunteer Coordinator works with the Director, various Chairs, and Board positions to meet volunteer requests for all events. This task involves updating the volunteer sheet that is sent out in  the summer mailing; collecting names, phones, emails of potential volunteers for each event;  organizing times and schedules; contacting volunteers; and sending out final reminders. The  volunteer coordinator is also responsible for all Showcase Volunteers-parents, HHS students,  HMS students, and others. Showcase also includes the creation of a volunteer schedule in  conjunction with the various Showcase Chairs. The volunteer coordinator also works on the  Nominating Committee to fill positions for the next year.  

Clear communication with the Band Director, Board of Directors, Fundraising Chairperson, various  Chairs, Yahoo and Charms Group Managers, and parents is necessary. Communication is  through phone contact, personal emails, and written band blasts. Sign Up Genius is used as It,  means of organizing volunteers via the web. Volunteer Coordinator is an ongoing job throughout  the school year and summer months.  

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