Pride of Herndon Greens Sale 2021

Decorate your home with beautiful Holiday Evergreen, fresh from the Pacific Northwest, grown by the Sherwood Forest Farms!!!


This year sales are ALL ONLINE!! Kindly place your order by November 6, 2021 at -

Two ways to shop:

(1) Direct Delivery “Gift Items” orders are open until 11/8 and will be shipped directly to people’s houses. (Direct delivery pricing is included in the cost of the item.)

(2) Regular, local (non-direct shipped) items can be linked to a band student (by clicking on their name when you order) OR to “no seller” if it is a purchase from the group.

Delivery time frame for items coming to the group will be just after Thanksgiving.

We will announce delivery of the greens via email and on the band website.

Student sellers will arrange for delivery to their buyers. 

Regular, local (non-direct ship) items NOT linked to a student seller will

be contacted for pick up at 1368 Dominion Ridge Lane, Herndon when greens arrive.

Questions? Contact