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Thanks from the families of the Lucky Herndon             
As we prepare for our trip, we have been reaching out to the men who served on the “Lucky Herndon” during the D-Day invasion. Here are some of the replies we have received in response from them and their families.

Thanks again for your hard work in preparing the band to honor the veterans of the Herndon.  It is a colossal undertaking and I admire and respect your dedication to the effort.
Darlene Strause
Daughter of Seaman Charles Strause

My sister and I cannot thank you enough for your devotion to this monumental occasion.  In this day and age that politics are so twisted, it is heart-warming to learn of all you have planned for this most important day.
Patricia Ann Brooke Lehman
Daughter of Baker Charles Brooke

Thank you very much for the USS Herndon video!!  Brings tears, pride and admiration for the Herndon crew and my Dad!!  You have worked hard to accomplish a wonderful tribute to the veterans of WWII and the invasion of Normandy!!
Sue Hampton
Daughter of Machinist’s Mate Dale Conklin

My husband always said “I just did my job, I didn’t want any glory.”  Thank you for honoring these brave men, and for making this such a memorable experience for the students.
Katharine DeKay
Widow of Radioman Thomas DeKay

Thanks for doing this and we look forward to keeping up with the events of the school band.  What a neat experience.  
Michele Simkins
Granddaughter of Radioman Ausby Morgan

We wish you well in your plight to not only pay respect to our veterans but to instill into the youth the knowledge of what our young soldiers went through.  They did indeed “leave as boys and come back as men.”  God bless you and thank you.
Madonna Vierck
Daughter of Gunner’s Mate Henry Vierck

We're both really pleased to hear that the Herndon High School Band will be representing our country and my father and his shipmates at the 75th Anniversary of D-Day.  Honoring the achievements and deeds of the WWII veterans and ensuring that the history is remembered is an incredibly worthwhile endeavor.
David Moulton
Son of Gunnery Officer Bernard Moulton

Thank you all so much for honoring the men of the U.S.S. Herndon before they disappear into history.
Mary Chamberlin Fines
Daughter of Lieutenant Douglas Chamberlin

Thank you for reaching out to our family and allowing my father to be represented at this event.  We (all 7 children and mom) are all very proud of our father’s service in the Navy and honored that his memory will continue at this event and later in the Herndon Historical Society Museum for many years to come.  Thank you for what you and the students are doing…it is a very special gesture to include the photos of the sailors on the trip. 
John Scheffler
Son of Water Tender John Scheffler

It is so important that we do this for today’s children, they need to understand what our freedom cost.  Thank you.
Carole Stoehr
Daughter of Lieutenant Frank Bagley

What a wonderful mission!  We are thrilled to see that the students in Herndon, VA are honoring those who served and are responsible for the many freedoms we enjoy today.
Martha O’Connell
Cousin of Yeoman Gene Hennessey

I'm so blessed to hear of the honoring of these sailors, truly the Greatest Generation. I miss my Pops every day. Thank you for taking on such a beautiful tribute!
Lisa Burkart
Daughter of Seaman John Tolich

Thank you for remembering all of these brave men on the Lucky Herndon! They were well-named as the Greatest Generation.  I hope they may be an inspiration to all of your band members at Herndon High School.  I am grateful that you have worked so hard and spent so much time to honor these brave men, and to touch the hearts of the students in the band and others that they will share their stories with. The men, the Herndon, and the Battle of Normandy will become real to them and not just a chapter in their history book.  May we cherish our freedom that they risked their lives for!  God Bless!
Pam Ubbing Huff
Daughter of Water Tender Hank Ubbing

Please accept these items I’m sending of dad’s for the Herndon museum.  With Pride, Praise, and Honor for all who served on her.
Michael Smulterowicz
Son of Fire Controlman Chester Smulterowicz

My father served proudly aboard the USS Herndon for three years including June 6, 1944 – D-Day.  Thank you for all you are doing to commemorate the day.
Alex MacFadyen
Son of Ensign Alex MacFadyen

Your project is very impressive and the dedication to the goal that you have assumed is inspiring.  I’m so thankful that you contacted me, as I was totally unaware of the existence of the Herndon Museum or the project.  I am certain this project will be fitting memorial and honor to all the good Americans who served on the USS Herndon.
Nancy Del Bon
Daughter of Fireman Norman Del Bon

This project means a lot to my two sisters, my brother and I.  Thank you again for contacting me and letting me know of this great tribute to our Heroes!
Robin Booth Goodwin
Daughter of Torpedoman Robert Booth

Thank you for what you all have done to remember these heroes.

James Dubois

Brother of Seaman Roderick Dubois

May God bless you for your unending commitment to my father’s memory and all those that served with him on D-Day!!

Bruce Low

Son of Seaman Robert James Low

Thank you so much for the video, I will share with my brother and sister. I had tears in my eyes. I can't imagine what those young men were experiencing.

Janet Sudor

Daughter of Fireman Milan Emil Sudor

Thank you for all the effort you have put into this project. I hope all the living sailors and the relatives of the deceased ones appreciate what you and the band are trying to accomplish. I know that I do and I'm sure my two sisters will as well. Again, thanks.

Fred Schacht

Son of Electrician’s Mate Fred Schacht

Thank you for everything you are doing for the families of the men from the Herndon and the school band.

Russ Arcand

Son of Coxswain Raymond Arcand

Thank you so much for honoring my grandfather and his shipmates. Thank you so much for your interest in him and the Herndon.

They are truly the greatest generation. We appreciate it more than you know.

Brittani Rollen

Granddaughter of Torpedoman Tom Wilmore


Thanks for remembering those who fought for our freedom.

Steve Jenkins

Nephew of Ensign William Edgar MacDonald, Jr.

Thank you so much. Your contact and subsequent pictures and articles has brought a new understanding and respect for what my father went through. He never talked about it to any of our recollection, so you have filled in a large space of his history and made us even more proud of what Dad had accomplished in his military career.

Charles W. Quail Jr.

Son of Seaman Charles Quail

God bless you for organizing this. My dad would be pleased.

George Begin

Son of Radioman Rene Begin

Thank you so much for the communication, it very much appreciated. God bless you and your family. All of you are doing a wonderful thing. Thank you!

Michael Quail

Son of Seaman Charles Quail

Thank you so much for honoring my grandfather. It means more than you can imagine! Thank you for the effort in making this happen!

Debra DellaMonica

Granddaughter of Yeoman William Sirotak

Thank you so much for letting me in on all the history and events and wonderful people that surround the name Herndon. God Bless YOU ALL!!!

Cheryl Deising

Daughter-in-law of Seaman Herb Deising

Thank you for the wonderful video and information about the USS Herndon’s role on D-Day. Thank you for devoting your time and effort to educating the high school children, reminding the families of the crew about their role and service, and the public to a historic chapter in American history. It is so important that we never forget our history and what our great country stands for.

Carole Stoehr

Daughter of Lieutenant Frank Bagley

I am truly delighted that your group will be honoring the crew of the Herndon. I despair of the notion that WWII has been fading from memory as the years consign it to the realm of ancient history.

Preston Farr

Son of Ensign Henry Bartow Farr, Jr.

The grandson of one of the officers....

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