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Showcase Business Ads

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Ads & Payment must be received by Friday, 9/22/2023

Showcase Business Ads


The Pride of Herndon Marching Band will host the 26th Annual Showcase of Bands at Herndon High School on September 30, 2023. This year 35 high school bands will perform at this event, all accompanied by a large contingent of parents and supporters. We invite you as a member of the Herndon community and friend of Herndon High School band program to support this exciting event by purchasing advertising space in the online Showcase event program that will be seen by over 2,000 event attendees.


For a full-page ad or larger we will do a social media shout out the week of the event and mention your company name during the Showcase performance. Your contributions enable us to provide ongoing repair, maintenance and replacement of uniforms and instruments to ensure that the "Pride of Herndon" always looks and sounds its best. Your support will also help us enlist additional staff to provide instruction to the students and ensure that they enjoy positive education and performance experiences.


This year is exceptional as The Pride of Herndon has been invited to represent Virginia at the 2023 Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade in Hawaii.The goal is for every student to be able to participate in this event. Your support will allow us to help the students get to Pearl Harbor and continue to build on the rich band tradition. Besides advertising in the Showcase Program. we also invite you to consider sponsoring the Herndon HS Band. Details of the Pearl Harbor Fundraising are available here

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