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Showcase Student and Alumi Ads

Enter details below to purchase ad. Once the payment is made, the ad needs to be emailed to

Please make a note of any additional details as listed in the flyer.

Ads & Payment must be received by Friday, 9/22/2023

Applaud your favorite Band Member

Buy a Showcase Program Ad!  


We are offering parents the opportunity to purchase an ad for the online Showcase Program. Choose from the below ad sizes to support your favorite performer or section.


  • Full Page - $75  

  • Half page - $50  

  • 1/4 Page - $25  


Deadline for ad submission and payment is to send in the ads is 9/22/2023.


Payment can be made using the payment button on the left of this page.  Email your ad to in a jpg or pdf format. If you need design help, email your ad text and photograph to  Pictures taken by our band photographers may be downloaded from our Flickr account. If you have questions, email



Please Email the following details to

  • Student or Alumni Name  

  • Parent/Contact name

  • Contact Email

  • Telephone (optional)  


Ads & Payment must be received by Friday, 9/22/2023 

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