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Showcase Ads for Showcase of Bands 2022   (For event details visit Showcase 2022)

The Pride of Herndon Marching Band is getting ready to kick-off the 2022/2023 Marching season by hosting its 25th Annual Showcase of Bands at Herndon High School on September 24, 2021. Over 25 different high school bands will perform, that will bring a large contingent of over 2,000 parents, students, siblings and more.  HHSBPA is offering parents and businesses the opportunity to show their support of the Herndon High School Bands by placing an ad in the Showcase program. The deadline for turning in ads and payments is Friday September 9th. Please click below for flyers and payment details - 


  1. Business Ads  - Support the band by placing an ad from your business or ask your local doctor, dentist etc if they are interested in supporting the band. 

  2. Student Ads - Support your child by placing an ad of encouragement/support.  We especially encourage Senior parents to participate.

  3. Section Ads - Parent volunteers from each section helps to coordinate purchase/design an ad for all the students in each section.



Please contact for more information.




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