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Judging Criteria


Many parents have asked about what criteria is used to judge the bands at competition.  There used to be a few online sites that defined all of the judging aspects of a competition.  However, it seems that these sites are no longer available.  We are in the process of finding some new sites that help describe the judging process in laymen’s terms and that cover some of the other awards that we might be given in different competitions, so stay tuned…


Awards (Captions) you might hear about:
  • Drum Major 

    • how well the drum majors direct the show during competition.

  • Auxiliary 

    • (colorguard – originated from early days when a flag usit would stand in front of the marchers – evolved into the colorguard we see today when they added dance and spinning flags.)

  • Visual Effect

    • overall look of the show…how well the colorguard movements and marching sets complement the music.

  • General Effect

    • how well the music is executed and contributes to the show.

  • Percussion

    • how well the percussion unit executes their part of the show.

  • Visual Ensemble

    • how well the colorguard executes their part of the show.



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