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Herndon, VA, USA

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Start Date:

October 3, 2023

About the Role:

The Treasurer shall maintain the records of all HHSBPA financial activities and shall be bonded  through the means of an adequate fidelity bond. In addition, the Treasurer shall:  

  • Establish and maintain, in accordance with generally accepted principles of accounting, an  appropriate accounting system, including reports.  

  • Maintain checking and other accounts as needed at a local financial institution and reconcile  monthly bank statements.  

  • Keep an accurate and detailed account of all receipts and expenditures of the Association and  preserve all vouchers, receipts, statements and canceled checks, when available. (An assistant  may enter information into QuickBooks and maintain filing) 

  • Prepare the annual budget for review by the Board of Directors and presentation to the  membership.  

  • Maintain custody of all funds, expending money only by check or other means consistent with  these bylaws and as otherwise authorized by the Board of Directors. (An assistant may prepare  checks for the Treasurer's signature)  

  • Make deposits of all income in the proper accounts as designated in the budget. (An assistant may  enter information into QuickBooks)  

  • Maintain the non-profit status for the Association.  

  • Maintain any needed business licenses for the Association.  

  • Be responsible for maintaining and updating all student account records and communicating  student account information to students and parents on a regular basis. (An assistant may update  and maintain the student account records)  

  • Be responsible for the submission of all Federal, State and Local tax and information returns  including, but not limited to, IRS Forms 990 and 1099  

  • Monitor the budget, provide a report at every Board meeting, and alert the Board to any concerns.  

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