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Tag Day - Area Chair Coordinator

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Herndon, VA, USA

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Tag Day - Area Chair Coordinator

Start Date:

October 3, 2023

About the Role:

Tag Day is the biggest fundraising event for the Pride of Herndon Band. Donations collected on  Tag Day are split 50-50 between the student accounts and the band. These proceeds can be used  for future expenses such as concert fees and the Spring Trip. To bring in those donations, all HHS  band and guard students, dressed in their band or guard uniforms, walk door-to-door in their  neighborhoods asking for contributions. The students travel in groups of two or three and hand out  flyers with information about the band and tags with the concert schedule for the band (hence the  name -Tag Day) while asking for contributions. If no one is home, the students will leave a mail-in envelope. Students can also send contribution requests to relatives and friends.  

Coordinator Responsibilities include:  

  • Ask for an area chair and co-chair for each area. (beginning of band camp) 

  • Get everything ready to go to the printer.  

  • Look at the number of kids in each area and consider moving some in order to level the areas. (last  week in August)  

  • Send everything to the printer. (1 or 2 weeks before area chair meeting)  

  • Divide handouts/envelops/tags by area and prepare area bags (cloth grocery bags or boxes).  

  • Hold area chair meeting to distribute handouts, etc. and give instruction to area chairs. (the last  week of band camp during the evening camp time)  

  • Visit area chair homes to see how things are going.  

  • Count money -Treasurer comes to coordinator's house and the area chairs arrive at scheduled  times to count money together.  

  • Prepare summary report for the BPA Board.  

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