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Hospitality Coordinator

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Herndon, VA, USA

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Hospitality Coordinator

Start Date:

October 3, 2023

About the Role:

The Hospitality Coordinator is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing food  events for the Herndon High School Band. It does not include concessions. Works with the  volunteer coordinator to obtain volunteers for events.  

Events include:

  • Pool party and Barbeque

  • August Showcase of Bands

  • September Homecoming  Barbeque

  • October Winter Concert Reception

  • December All District Band -rotates every few  years (last hosted Feb. 2012) Navy Band Refreshments

  • April End of Year Banquet

  • June  

Other Responsibilities Include:

  • Attend monthly Band Board Meetings

  • Solicit food donations from  local vendors and band families

  • Compose flyers, email blasts, etc.

  • Purchase food and supplies 

  • Submit receipts to the Treasurer for reimbursement of purchased supplies

  • Maintain inventory of  Hospitality supplies

  • Update event procedures for the Hospitality Book  

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