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Holiday Greens Fundraiser - order by Nov 6th


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Contact Mina at

* * * Click Here to see the Holiday Greens Flyer * * *


Greens?  What are Greens?                                                 

The HHSBPA is selling Holiday Greens as a fundraiser.  This event starts today and runs through 11/6/15


I don’t know where to get a packet?

You may email Mrs. Phillips at to make arrangements to get a packet from her after a Tuesday or Thursday practice. 

You may come by her house to pick up a packet anytime. There is a greens box by the front door.


What if I only have one order?

That is fine.  If you are only interested in sending one wreath to grandma or just ordering one centerpiece for your house – we’ll take it.  There are no minimums. Payment is due at the time of ordering.  All checks should be made out to HHSBPA. 


When and Where will Greens be delivered?  

Greens will be delivered  sometime after Thanksgiving.  More specific dates TBD by the vendor.  We will keep you informed. Local orders will be delivered to Mrs. Phillips - Band Students will pick their orders up there and deliver to their customers in a timely manner.  Direct delivery items will be delivered in the same time frame


Who benefits from the Greens sales?

Profits from Holiday Greens will be credited to the Spring Trip Fund and will reduce the total cost of the trip for all travelers, regardless of participation. Students will not receive individual credit. Please direct questions regarding profit distribution to


Still have questions?  Email – Mina Phillips –



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