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Be a Sponsor! When you purchase an instrument a brass name plate will become a part of the instrument case.

Download the Sponsorship Form

The Herndon band program is the oldest in Fairfax County. For decades we have proudly represented our town. Recently we have represented the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States at the official commemorations of Pearl Harbor and D-Day Invasion at Normandy.


Our instruments are old, with most of our inventory is several decades past its life expectancy.


We want to put high-quality instruments in the hands of all students. Our ensembles are performing the most advanced literature, requiring advanced level instruments.


Every new instrument helps the entire program. The program teaches teamwork and cooperation. The success of one student is success for the entire group.


Thank you for supporting ALL our students with a donation. They will continue to represent the Herndon community with pride, just as they’ve done since 1947.

Click to download sponsorship form

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