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Message from HHS BPA - support music education

ATTENTION! The FCPS School Board recently approved the Superintendent’s budget for FY2017 with no proposed cuts. But that isn’t the end of the story.


Unfortunately, the County Board of Supervisors is not expected to fund this entire budget. If the School Board cannot obtain the necessary funding from the county and the state, it will have to resort to much of the $50 million to $75 million in cuts originally identified by the budget task force. These cuts include arts education.


Invest in Kids Flyer 20160207.pdf  

this is a flyer about the "event".  I was told by FACE parent chair Jenna Day that the organizers themselves cannot call it a "rally" because "rallies" are not allowed to be held at the Govt Ctr, at least not w/o other permits or something.



IamFCPS website 

this is the #IamFCPS website.  It has a lot of good stuff.  It also has an automated way to send letters to the BOS, school board and state legislators. 



The #IamFCPS Facebook page 


Sample Letter to Supervisor


Call To Action Flyer

info about the govt center event as well as the websites and email addresses of all the Supervisors. 




What can YOU do

1) Email your Supervisor TODAY to support fully funding the school budget


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