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Please read the following information about what the job of a chaperone entails BEFORE agreeing to chaperone


Local Marching Band Trips


Chaperoning is a fun and rewarding experience and really helps a parent get to know the “behind the scenes” work that goes in to getting the Pride of Herndon on to the field and back home.


Signups for Marching Band Trips are generally done at the Parent Meetings in August.  If a parent misses these important meetings, and is interested in chaperoning a fall marching trip, he or she can contact the Chaperone/Trip Coordinators.  Every effort is made to accommodate requests, however, there is no guarantee that just because you sign up for a trip you will be selected to work on one.  Generally about 20 chaperones are needed per trip, but there are a certain number of set “staff chaperones” that go on each trip such as the Chaperone/Trip Coordinators, Uniform Parent, Guard Mom and so forth.


The total number of chaperones fluctuates with the size of the band, jobs needed and number of available seats on the buses.  After that, preference goes to Board members and then Senior parents  and then we try to fit others in, always aware that we want to bring in new parents to give them the experience.  We try to balance those parents with experience with new chaperones who need to “learn the ropes.”  We try our best to be fair and equitable.


Be aware that this is a working trip.  There is no guarantee that you will ride on your child’s bus.  You must be able to be at the school approximately 1.5 hours prior to the departure of the band to attend a pre-departure meeting for work assignments, information, distribution of materials and so forth.  This year we are asking that each Bus Captain remain at the school upon return until each child from his or her bus has been picked up from the school.  If unable to do so, you will need to make arrangements with another chaperone on that bus.


Chaperones will be notified about two weeks in advance of the trip that they have been selected to attend.  When possible, we will notify earlier.  If unable to attend we ask that you notify us as soon as possible so that we can arrange a substitute.






Overnight Trips


In order to chaperone an overnight trip such as a Spring Trip, you must have chaperoned a fall marching trip.  There is no exception to that rule.  Again, if you are interested in chaperoning, you need to let us know at the Parent Meeting in August.  Again, there is no guarantee that a sign up means that you will be attending and we will let everyone know about selection by early September. Attending an overnight trip is fun and you will really get to know other band parents.  Many life time memories are created on these trips. However it is a lot of work.  You must be able to attend the pre-planning meeting(s).  Job assignments may include staying up at night to monitor the halls, pool duty, staying back at the hotel with a sick child and so forth.  Again, there is no guarantee that you will be assigned to ride on your child’s bus or be assigned to be your child’s room parent. We divide these duties up according to the needs of the entire band and experience of the chaperones, etc.



Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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