Band Camp




Each student bring a package (100 count) of 9 oz. plastic cups to camp.Gatorade is served daily during snack and afternoon breaks, and we use the cups for the Gatorade. Water is also available for the students to refill theirwater bottles, which they should bring daily.


As a reminder, snack is provided daily by the Band Parent Association. Each student is responsible for providing his/her own lunch each day.


Band Camp Prep List
  • Drink plenty of water about 12 hours before camp

  • Eat a good breakfast with fruit and protein

  • Give yourself plenty of time to be set up on stage by 8am (i.e. arrive around 7:45)


Bring with you
  • Camelback or water bottle

  • Package of 9 oz non-styrofoam cups

  • Packed lunch

  • Chalk (won’t need until Wed or Thurs)

  • Sneakers and loose-fitting athletic clothes

  • Sunglasses/hatSunblock

  • Music Lyre

  • Combination lock for your instrument locker

  • Any outstanding forms or money due to the BPA


Students join the 2017-2018 Pride of Herndon Facebook page



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