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Photo History - Amazing pictures and stories of the Pride of Herndon from previous generations

Pictures posted on this site have been greatly reduced in both size and quality to accomodate web browsing.  If you would like a high-resolution copy of any of the pictures, please email the webmaster with the name of the photo album and the picture (found at the top of the page when you click on any picture).


2011-2012 Ensembles
2011-2012 Pictures

Class of 2012

The 2011
Pride of Herndon
Marching Band

Spring Concert

Courtesy of N. Lovering

Pyramid Concert

Courtesy of N. Lovering

Senior Dinner

Courtesy of N. Lovering

Pre-Assessment Concert

Courtesy of N. Lovering

Pre-Assessment Concert

Courtesy of C. Dubishar

Jazz Band Visits Navy Commodores

Courtesy of N. Lovering
August-December 2011 Pictures


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1999-2000 Marching Band from the USSBA Championship at Giants Stadium Nov 6, 1999
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