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Glory Days Fundraiser

Glory Days Grill - Dining for Dollars Program!

From September 14 through December 22, 2011, earn 10% of your food purchases from any Northern Virginia Glory Days Grill.  All you have to do is keep a copy of the restaurant check (NOT your credit card receipt) and deposit it the Red Box in the band room at HHS.

Please print this PDF and keep as a reminder.  Post it on your refrigerator, but please get out and eat at the Glory Days Grill ... for the band.

A few tips and rules:
  • Group members (includes parents and children), their friends, families, neighbors, etc. can dine at any Northern Virginia Glory Days Grill as often as they wish during the fundraising period (until December 22, 2011).
  • To-Go (take out) is also included.
  • At the end of the meal, please ask the server for a copy of their guest check (not the charge card receipt).  Only one additional guest check can be provided per visit.
  • Deposit the guest check in the Red Box in the band room at HHS or give to Ken Poirier or Susan Rice at any HHS band event.
  • Glory Days Grill will donate 10% of the food and non-alcoholic beverages purchased to the HHSBPA.  This 10% donation cannot apply to sales tax, alcoholic beverages, or to any guest check that receives any other type of discount, coupon, offer or promotion.
  • Group members may not solicit receipts from other diners, either inside or outside the restaurant, or by standing in front of the restaurant, in the parking lot or by going table to table.
  • There is no limit on how much the HHSBPA can earn.
Updated 04/22/2012