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Herndon High School - Pride of Herndon
100 Year Highway Fundraiser

The 100 Year Highway

2011 marks the 100th anniversary of Herndon High School.  Everyone who has entered JL Griffiths Stadium to see a sporting event or watch the Pride of Herndon perform is familiar with the asphalt walkway in front of the home bleachers.  Over the next many years, this walkway will be transformed into an incredible 100 Year Highway - a brick pathway celebrating the first 100 years of Herndon High School and paving the way for the next 100 years.

Construction of this magnificant walkway has already begun.  Installation will continue for many years and will consist of five phases.  Phase 1 has already started and is seen at the west end of the bleachers, closest to concessions.  As every band family and alumni knows, the Pride of Herndon occupies the east end of the bleachers during home football games.  In terms of the 100 Year Highway, the Pride of Herndon is in Phase 5.  It is important to note that the 'phases' will not necessarily be installed seqentially (1, then 2, then 3, etc.).

The Pride of Herndon and The 100 Year Highway

If you ever have been a part of the Pride of Herndon, the 100 Year Highway gives you the opportunity to forever leave your mark in the stadium.  The HHSBPA is selling engraved bricks to all family and friends of the Herndon Band program.  Your bricks will be placed in Phase 5 of the 100 Year Highway.  See below for some important information about the various types of bricks available on the 100 Year Highway.

Important Ordering and Installation Details
  • Brick orders can be placed any time during the year
  • Bricks are only installed into the Highway during the summer (when school is not in session)
  • Any bricks ordered prior to the summer will not be installed until the next summer (typically July)
  • Checks are payable to HHSBPA, but mailed to Sharon Nachman for administrative tracking
  • The HHSBPA earns 40% profit on the $100 and $200 bricks and 20% on $500 and $1000 bricks
  • The $500 and $1000 bricks can incorporate camera-ready graphics (for an extra charge)
Updated 04/22/2012